Partnering with the Diocese

The Anglican Diocese of the Northern Territory is most grateful to our partners in the Gospel, both individuals and organisations. Please find here some information relating to ways in which you might consider partnering with the Diocese in its mission to serve in all regions of the Territory.

First, please find a link to the Aboriginal Ministry Development Project brochure, which provides some information about ministry in our remote communities and ways in which you might get involved:

DNT AMDP Brochure

Second, we are keen to ensure that involvement in ministry in the Diocese meets Safe Ministry standards, including the involvement of partners from outside of the Diocese. Set out in this document is the process and agreements by which ministry is undertaken in conjunction with church partners:

NT Partnerships Brochure

Third, it may be useful for those partnering in the Gospel here in the Northern Territory to consider the very real cultural gap between the worldview in urban settings in contrast to more remote settings within Australia. This text by Susanne Hargraves called “Whitefella Culture” (Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1991) sets out some practical ways by which readers could become aware of these cultural gaps:


Should you wish to become involved in ministry in the Diocese, whether in person or at a distance, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact our Ministry Development Team on (08) 8941 7440 or email here.