The North Australian Lectionary

Year 1: 2020/21

The North Australian Lectionary (NAL) gives churches one Bible reading for every Sunday, from every book of the Bible over eight years. 
See here for more information about the NAL.

Wet Season:
‘New Life’

Wet season is a time of abundant water and life. This time reminds us of Jesus’ life and ministry, which brings us new life. Indeed Jesus promises us living water! 

Nov 291 Thes 1:1-10Advent 1Eng, Kriol, Kun, Wubuy
Dec 61 Thes 2:1-16; 3:6-13Advent 2Eng, Kriol, Kun, Wubuy
Dec 131 Thes 4:1-18Advent 3Eng, Kriol, Kun, Wubuy
Dec 201 Thes 5:1-28Advent 4Eng, Kriol, Kun, Wubuy
Dec 25Matt 1:1-25Christmas DayEng, Kriol, Kun, Wubuy
Dec 27Matt 2:1-12Christmas 1Eng, Kriol, Kun, Wubuy
Jan 3Matt 2:13-23Christmas 2 (Epiphany)Eng, Kriol, Kun, Wubuy
Jan 10Matt 3:1-17Wet Season 1 (Baptism of the Lord)Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Jan 17Matt 4:1-11Wet Season 2Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Jan 24Matt 4:12-25Wet Season 3Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Jan 31Matt 18:1-35Wet Season 4Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Feb 7Matt 19:1-30Wet Season 5Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Feb 14Matt 20:1-19 (20-34)Wet Season 6Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Feb 17Matt 20:20-34Ash WednesdayEng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Feb 21Matt 21:1-22Lent 1Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Feb 28Matt 21:23-46Lent 2Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Mar 7Matt 22:1-46Lent 3Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Mar 14Matt 23:1-39Lent 4Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Mar 21Matt 24:1-51Lent 5Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Mar 28Matt 25:1-46Lent 6Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Apr 2Matt 26:1 – 27:66Good FridayEng Kriol Kun Wubuy

Dry Season:

Dry season is a time of cooler weather and lower humidity. Burning off the long dead grass after the Wet is important to do early in the season. This reminds us of the need to deal with overgrown sin in our life. Dry season is also a time to travel, to hunt and to camp, which reminds us also of the history of the people of God, who are sent out into the world to serve God. 

Apr 4Matt 28:1-20Easter DayEng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Apr 11Eph 1:1-2:10Easter 2Anin Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Apr 18Eph 2:11-3:21Easter 3Anin Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Apr 25Eph 4:1-32Easter 4Anin Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
May 2Eph 5:1-6:9Easter 5Anin Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
May 9Eph 6:10-24Easter 6Anin Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
May 13Acts 1:1-11Ascension DayEng Kriol Kun Wubuy
May 16Acts 1:(1-11) 12-26Easter 7Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
May 23Acts 2:1-47Day of PentecostEng Kriol Kun Wubuy
May 30Acts 3:1-26Trinity SundayEng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Jun 6Acts 5:12-6:7Dry Season 1Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Jun 13Acts 6:8-8:3Dry Season 2Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Jun 20Ge 1:1-2:3Dry Season 3Anin Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Jun 27Ge 2:4-25Dry Season 4Anin Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Jul 4Ge 3:1-24Dry Season 5Anin Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Jul 11Ge 4:1-26Dry Season 6Anin Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Jul 18Ge 6:1-8:22Dry Season 7Anin Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Jul 25Ge 9:1-28Dry Season 8Anin Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Aug 1Ge 11:1-32Dry Season 9Anin Eng Kriol Kun Wubuy
Aug 8Jos 1:1-2:24Dry Season 10Eng Kriol
Aug 15Jos 5:13-6:27Dry Season 11Eng Kriol
Aug 22Jos 7:1-26Dry Season 12Eng Kriol
Aug 29Jos 24:1-33Dry Season 13Eng Kriol
Sep 5Isa 1:1-31Dry Season 14Eng Kriol Kun
Sep 12Isa 6:1-13Dry Season 15Eng Kriol Kun
Sep 19Isa 7:1-25Dry Season 16Eng Kriol Kun
Sep 26Isa 10:20-11:16Dry Season 17Eng Kriol Kun

Build-Up Season:
‘Keep On’

During Build-Up season, everyone is desperate for some rain and a cool change. Rivers and creeks have dried up and the ground is thirsty for water. For these hard times the Bible has resources to help God’s people to keep on going. 

Oct 3Hos 1:1-2:1; 3:1-5Build-Up 1Eng Kriol
Oct 10Hos 4:1-19Build-Up 2Eng Kriol
Oct 17Hos 11:1-11Build-Up 3Eng Kriol
Oct 24Hos 14:1-9Build-Up 4Eng Kriol
Oct 31Job 1:1-3:26Build-Up 5Eng Kriol
Nov 7Job 25:1-6; 27:1-23Build-Up 6Eng Kriol
Nov 14Job 35:1-16Build-Up 7Eng Kriol
Nov 21Job 40:1-24; 42:1-16Build-Up 8 (Christ the King)Eng Kriol