Risk Management/Workplace Health & Safety

Risk Management

It is important that parishes and ministry units consider the potential risks (i.e. events which might cause uncertainty in the delivery of key objectives) of new initiatives and activities atypical of the daily/weekly services. The Diocesan risk management process requires leaders to assess the likelihood and consequence of risks which are inherent in such initiatives/activities under their charge and proactively plan to mitigate those risks to an acceptable level, as determined by its governing body. The Diocesan Risk Management Policy and Operational Risk Management Procedure can be found below:

SR001 Risk Management Policy v2a

SR002 Operational Risk Management Methodology v4

For parish operations, Anglican Insurance and Risk Management Services have prepared a risk register template for assessing and treating risk inherent in parish strategic plans:

ISF009 Risk Register Template (Local Church) v1

ANSVAR has also produced a helpful manual on protecting people and property which is a reasonably comprehensive (please note that our Safe Ministry policies and protocols override some of the forms and components of this manual):

IS007 Risk Management Manual Protecting People Property

For parishes operating opportunity shops, Anglican Insurance and Risk Management Services have prepared a risk management pack to support management:

OP001 Risk Management Opportunity Shops

For specific events, Anglican Insurance and Risk Management Services have prepared a template for one-off events, which can be used to assist in evaluating the inherent risks of such events and develop risk treatment plans in a succinct format:

ISF008 Activity Risk Assessment

Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) Policy, Checklists & Templates

The Diocesan WH&S policy is found in the link below (as amended):

WHS002 Work Health & Safety Policy

Rectors and Wardens (and WH&S Administrators, if appointed), please use the following checklists and templates as part your regular (at least annual) safety and hazard review process for all parochial church property under your charge:

IS002 WHS Checklists Forms and Guidelines

Rectors and Wardens will be asked to report on maintenance items, hazards identified and plans to rectify them in Parish Returns. In addition, Rectors and Wardens may wish to complement existing Diocesan procedures relating to Safe Ministry, Insurance and Incident Reporting and Workplace Health & Safety with the “Safety management—Small Business Toolkit” produced by NT WorkSafe.

AIRS Member Advice Line on WH&S and HR Issues

Rectors and Wardens, the AIRS (Anglican Insurance and Risk Management Services) Member Advice Line is available to answer your queries relating to WH&S and human resources matters. Whereas in the past such requests may have been triaged via the Manager of Diocesan Business Services, it is reasonable to seek the input of our insurers on such matters. I would ask that, after using that service, you prepare a summary of the advice given and forward same to dbm@ntanglican.org.au, including the nature of your query, the responses given and the date on which the advice was sought. Details of the advice line are found in the flyer below:

IS004 AIRS Member Advice Line for HR and WHS