Nomination for Bishop’s Licence

The process for issuing licences from the Bishop is managed by the Registrar ( according to the following process:

LP001 Process for issuing Licences

Note that in June 2021 changes were made with the effect that rectors are now able to authorise persons to assist in the administration of Holy Communion, subject of course to the Safe Ministry accreditation. Also, the leading of Morning and Evening Prayer in the presence of a licensed cleric no longer requires a license under the signature and seal of the Bishop. Further details of this can be found in the Diocesan Guidelines, the BIshop’s communiqué and the new form of Authority:

Licensing Changes 20210624

Communion Assistant Application Template

Rectors, Priests-in-Charge or Ministry Unit Leaders-in Charge, please use this form to nominate persons for a lay licence from the Bishop, where necessary:

LMF001 Nomination Form for Lay Licence

Rectors may seek clergy within the parish to receive the Bishop’s Permission to Officiate or a General Licence. For licences, please formally write to the Bishop providing a nomination including the “terms of employment” upon which the nominee is to be appointed. For permissions to officiate, please contact the Bishop informally and make your nomination known. In both cases, the attached form is used internally to manage cleric appointments and sets out the necessary information for licensing or the granting of permissions to officiate:

CAF001 Clergy Appointment Process Checklist

Please note that the process for issuing licences and permissions to officiate is separate from Safe Ministry. Importantly, neither licences nor permissions to officiate can be issued without a full safe ministry clearance (i.e. a Category 1 Safe Ministry Clearance). For further information, please see:

Safe Ministry