Insurance Manuals/Claims and Incident/Hazard Reports

Incident/Hazard Reports

Aside from Safe Ministry concerns, please send all other incident/hazard reports to the church worker in charge and the Manager of Diocesan Business Services (, +61 8 8941 7440). This information is used as part of the Diocesan risk management program, which is a necessary to comply with the Diocesan insurance program. Please use this form to report incidents and risk treatment plans:

IRF001 Incident/Hazard Report


Our latest update to the Diocesan Insurance Manual may be found here, including information about incident reporting and insurance claims:

IS001 NT Parishes Insurance Manual

Rectors and Leaders-in-Charge, please send all insurance claims to the Manager of Diocesan Business Services (, +61 8 8941 7440):

ICF001 Insurance Claim 1309

Those who are authorised drivers of a Diocesan-owned car should contact Zurich as per the Diocesan Insurance Manual above.

In order to be covered under the Diocesan Business Travel policy, anyone who is travelling interstate or overseas on Diocesan business should complete the form below and forward it to the Registrar of the Diocese:

FTD001 Travel Declaration Form

For your reference, the Diocese’s Confirmation of Cover certificate for general public and products liability is found here:

2020-2021 General Public and Products Liability Insurance – Confirmation of Cover

For any further information and questions relating to insurance, would Rectors or Leaders-in-Charge please contact the Manager of Diocesan Business Services (, +61 8 8941 7440).