Bishop Greg’s first post

Bishop AndersonThis is the first time that I am writing to the whole diocese, and I want to take the opportunity of saying how glad I am to be here with you.

Together we have been chosen by God for the work that God has for us. That work centers on showing and telling people about the love God has for them (and the whole creation) in making a rescue plan for the world – and that plan centers on Jesus Christ.

When we gather in our churches, we are celebrating that rescue and, I hope, growing in our understanding of it and our experience of it. Our diversity in the diocese reminds us that God’s rescue plan is for all kinds of people, and we celebrate that too. When we welcome and encourage one another, we are putting into action what God is doing in us.

Paul’s whole letter to the Ephesians is a great statement of these truths. (There are extracts from Ephesians in the lectionary later this year, but it is worth reading the whole letter in one go, and it doesn’t take long!)

It has been a great joy starting to visit the parishes in these early weeks back in the Territory, and Annette and I look forward to meeting those that we haven’t yet met. So far we have been to the Cathedral, Fred’s Pass and Sanderson, with visits scheduled for Nightcliff, Palmerston, Alice Springs and Katherine. I hope to visit Groote after Easter, and Minyerri and Ngukurr after Katherine Christian Convention.

I’m old enough that I use Facebook rather than Instagram, and have set up a new page called Bishop Greg NT. I hope that this can be a way of keeping in touch with you with what is happening in the diocese, matters to think about, and news from elsewhere. So if you’re on FB, please be my friend.