Diocesan Strategic Plan

Our vision for the Anglican Diocese of the Northern Territory is to be:

Growing churches that that celebrate, talk about and demonstrate the saving work of Jesus Christ in the communities around us

We strive toward this vision by:

  1. encouraging & empowering our churches to be growing & celebrating communities, drawing more Territorians into following Jesus, and showing what God’s kingdom is like
  2. showing that God is building a new family from all people-groups, recognising the special place of Aboriginal churches in the diocese and building capacity and strength
  3. bringing together resources to enable our ministries, and to share with those outside the privilege of being part of what God is doing in the Territory

Our main aims are:

  • For all of our churches to be growing and celebrating communities through evangelism, strong leadership, strengthening faith and new initiatives
  • For our Aboriginal churches to be strong and recognised as an integral part of our life via liturgical development, representation, strong leadership and belonging
  • For our partnerships within and outside the Diocese to be strong and working well for the good of all through governance, promotion, new partners and engagement

We walk toward these goals to the glory of God the Father through his Son Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit with love (to serve in the best interests of those around us), integrity (to act according to what we teach), unity in diversity (to demonstrate that even in our differences we are one family in the Lord), courage (to face uncertainty), hope (to be assured of Christ working through us), safety (to protect children and vulnerable people and all those who care for them at all times) and faithfulness to our foundations (to serve in accordance with the Bible as received in the Anglican tradition).

A summary of our Diocesan Strategic Plan may be found at BP003 Diocesan Strategic Plan.