About the North Australian Lectionary

The North Australian Lectionary gives churches one Bible reading for every Sunday, from every book of the Bible over eight years. 
You can find the readings here.

We tell the Bible story in church as the weather seasons change. During Wet season, from Christmas to Easter time, we read the Gospel story of Jesus Christ. During Dry season, we read about God’s people in the Old Testament and the New Testament. During Build-Up season, we read God’s word to encourage us, to help us to keep going in hot weather time. This lectionary helps us to think about God’s story as the country we live in changes. 

We also tell the Bible story every year using the church seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. These church seasons help us to remember the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. Christians have been using church seasons for a long time to help them grow in Jesus. 

Using the Lectionary

Try to follow the readings, but sometimes it may be good to change them. For example, if the reading is too long, then the leader can make the reading shorter. Or if you would like more readings, then the leader can do this. The lectionary is to be used to help your church. This lectionary will often read a book of the Bible over a number of weeks. But it may not read every story in that book. For example, we read Genesis chapters 1 to 11 over seven weeks, but it is too long to read everything. During these weeks, the leader can choose some stories from Genesis 1 to 11 that are not in this lectionary.