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Bishop Greg’s Easter Message 2016

Bishop Greg Anderson - photo courtesy Anglicane NTPolitical commentator Mungo MacCallum recently described Malcolm Turnbull’s performance in the top job as ‘a hugely disappointing resurrection’.

Maybe it is good that the word resurrection still has some place in today’s media. But the first resurrection sets the benchmark. All other so-called resurrections, including the PM’s, are inevitably hugely disappointing. They all, in the end, run out.

What Christians believe about the first resurrection, the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the first Easter Day, is different.

Jesus appeared to his disciples, alive in his body, on the third day after his well-documented death.

This was not just a temporary return to life that would in the end run out. It was a breakthrough into a new and transformed kind of life, which provides hope for the whole world.

Our bodily life in the present world will in the end run out, but Jesus’ resurrection points forward to a future where death itself is defeated and life no longer ends.

Christians believe that the first Easter turns a corner onto the straight where we see clearly into the distance. What we see is a world where crises have been fixed, relationships restored, the environment healed and life is all good.

To be part of that future we align ourselves with Jesus.

Our present life has many potentials for difficulty, but Easter is like an anchor that gives us a mooring point of confidence. It injects the future into the present in a way that is anything but disappointing.

Bishop Greg Anderson