Forms & Procedures

Publicly available forms, procedures and policies (other than those related to “safe ministry”) are set out below:

Administration Circular including:

  • conditions for Stipendiary Clergy and Church Workers
  • procedures relating to insurance, Diocesan Council approvals, use of church property, grants, money handling and Diocesan media representation  

Administration Circular 2020

Key administration forms are also set out below:

CL001 Instructions for Counting Collections

CLF001 Clergy Leave Form

FFA001 Faculty Declaration and Application Forms

HOF001 Memorandum of Hire of Facility Template (must be approved by Registrar)

Please note that all agreements signed in the name of The Synod of the Diocese of the Northern Territory Incorporated must be approved and signed by either the Bishop or the Registrar.

Nomination by parish/ministry unit leaders-in-charge for a Licence from the Bishop

Rectors, Priests-in-Charge or Ministry Unit Leaders-in Charge, please use this form to nominate persons for a lay licence from the Bishop:

LMF001 Nomination Form for Lay Licence

There is a checklist used for nominations for cleric licences, which may be used for Rectors seeking licences for clergy within the parish or to to initiate the process for licence renewals:

CAF001 Clergy Appointment Process Checklist

Note that a licence cannot be issued without a full safe ministry clearance (i.e. a Category 1 Safe Ministry Clearance). For further information, please see:

Safe Ministry

Workplace Health & Safety Procedures

Rectors, Wardens and WH&S Administrators, please use these forms and procedures as part your regular (at least annual) safety and hazard review process for all parochial church property under your charge:

IS002 WH&S Procedures (Draft)

WIF001 Workplace Inspection Checklist

Incident and Insurance Reports and Public Liability Insurance

Please send all incident reports to the church worker in charge and the Registrar of the Diocese (, +61 8 8941 7440)

IRF001 Incident Report (current)

ICF001 Insurance Claim 1309

For your reference, the Diocese’s Confirmation of Cover certificate for general public and products liability is found here:

2020-2021 General Public and Products Liability Insurance – Confirmation of Cover


For expenses pre-approved by the Bishop, Registrar or Ministry Development Officer of the Diocese, please submit your reimbursement claim in the following form to the relevant approver:

RFC001 Reimbursement Claim Form 2020

RFC001 Reimbursement Claim Form 2020

Other Policies & Forms

CC001 Climate Change Policy 2019

CV001 Vesture Policy Nov 2019

HC001 Holy Communion Policy 2019

PP001 Privacy Policy v2a 2019

For reference, the collection of personal information (apart from that required by the Northern Territory of Australia COVID-19 Directions 2020) should be accompanied with the following clause so as to comply with this policy:

“I have read and agree to my information being used only according to the Anglican Diocese of the Northern Territory’s privacy statement, found on P5 of this document:

RPF001 Responsible Person Declaration